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:bulletred: Please remember: do not recommend your own pieces to be featured in the Favourites, they will be declined.

How to edit your devwatch settings: Frustrated by a flood of deviations? It's not obvious, but Groups are listed under your Devwatch along with every other artist you watch. To turn off deviation notices, go to the My Deviants page! and scroll down until you find the Group you want to edit your Watch settings for. There are two options: Deviations, and Journals & News.

:pointr: I recommend leaving Journals & News ON as it's the only way you'll receive notices from SketchCardArtists regarding our weekly scheduled chat, artist streams, job opportunities, events, etc. There will not be floods of journals. The scheduled chat journal will be updated Sunday or Monday night that week to notify everyone of the upcoming chat, and again the day of the chat. We average 2 journal notices per week.


Welcome to Sketch Card Artists, a group that focuses primarily on official sketch card artists, allowing for a venue where new artists can learn about sketch card art from the pros as well as gathering these artists for the benefit of access by fans and collectors. Our focus is on media-related sketch cards, from comic books to movies.

Please read the following:

:bulletblue:GROUP GUIDELINES:bulletblue:


:bulletred: Members: To apply to this category you need to be an official sketch card artist -or- an artist recognized for their dealing in PSC's by other sketch card artists and the collector communities. If you intend to apply as this, please mention at least one set you've worked on, how long you have dealt in sketch card commissions, etc. We will check galleries for sketch card deviations before approving at our discretion. "General ACEO" artists may or may not be accepted, as this group focuses on media-related sketch cards involving characters from media such as comic books and movies, among others.

:bulletred: Fans, Collectors and other artists are welcome to add the group to their Devwatch. This group was intended as a mutual resource for sketch card artists and their collectors here on DeviantArt. Want to learn about sketch cards? Simply add the group to your Devwatch list.



:bulletred: Please submit only sketch card art to the gallery. Any unrelated submissions will be declined. Base card art is now allowed, along with card back designs and sketch card related tutorials and resources - provided they go into the correct folders.

:bulletred: Please do not flood the group with your gallery, try to space out your submissions. Give a chance to other members to show their work as well. We recommend submitting 1-3 pieces in as many days per artist to avoid flooding everyone's message center. There is now a 3 submissions per day, per folder, limit to prevent flooding and backup in the queue.

:bulletred: Please remember to submit cards to the correct folders: PSC's go in Personal, cards for officially labeled sets go in Official. Cards done for charity fundraisers, conventions, etc go in Personal. Commission Samples/Pricing go under Artist Commission Info. Base card art goes into Base Card Art. And we now have a folder for card designs (the card backs for trading cards or personalized sketch cards). Tutorials and other useful resources go under the folder of that name.


:bulletred: Please do not recommend your own pieces to be featured in the Favourites, they will be declined.

:bulletred: Recommending faves on sketch cards by an artist who isn't a member of Sketch Card Artists, but who should be? Let us know by sending us a note.

:bulletred: Please do not recommend faves on pieces by Members, they will be declined as they already have the ability to have their work added to the Gallery.

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